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A typical Montessori environment includes children who are multi-aged, adults who observe the children, as well as a wide variety of materials and activities which are structured in a sequential manner to facilitate natural development and to communicate concepts.

Parents choose to send their children to a Montessori facility for many reasons. Most are demonstrating a real concern for their children's education, and their choice is based on a belief in the Montessori principals and a trust that these will meet their own and their children's needs.

More specifically, a Montessori education's approach to 'work' (physical and mental activity freely chosen and enjoyed), its belief in the interdependence of humanity and nature, its recognition of the parent's legitimate role in the child's education and the emphasis on the development of a positive self-image through meaningful activities provide the means by which children will grow into young adults eager to contribute to society and their own development.

Therefore, a Montessori education will give your child:
  • the opportunity to work at their own pace in a non-competitive environment;
  • the opportunity to follow their natural curiosity;
  • systematic steps in learning, from concrete to abstract; and
  • an environment of stability, respect, order and beauty

All classes are multi-age, giving each child the opportunity to lean from others and the flexibility to develop their personality at their own pace, both socially and intellectually.

'Concentration is the best gift we can give our children' ...

Maria Montessori