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Autumn Term 2016
Sunday 28th August
First day of term for NEW Children
Wednesday 31th August
All Children (First day of Term 1)
Sunday 11th September – Tuesday 13th
Nursery Closed, Eid Al Adha*
Sunday 2nd October
Nursery Closed, Hijra New Year*
Thursday 01st  December
Nursery Closed, National' Day*
Sunday 11th December
Nursery Closed, Prophets Birthday
Thursday 15th December
Last day of Term 1
Spring Term 2017
Sunday 8th January
First day of Term 2
Thursday 23rd March
Last day of Term 2
Summer Term 2017
Sunday 9th April
 First day of Term 3
Sunday 23rd April
Nursery closed Isra ‘Wal Miraj’*
Thursday 22nd June

Thursday 29th June
Last day of Term 3

End of term for staff
School Hours: 7.30am - 1.45pm, all children off the premises by 2pm. Except Tuesday 1pm finish: In-House Training

* Approximate dates only - subject to Ministry Approval The nursery will also be closed for an additional two days during the academic year to accommodate 'Parent Teacher Conferences'. (Dates to be confirmed)